Feedback on Microsoft Outlook's New "Insights" Feature


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This doesn't help me in the slightest and only complicates an already over- and increasingly-complicated email system. Funny thing, isn't it? The more technology we adopt, the more technology we need to manage the increase in complexity and activity enabled/created by that adoption of a new technology/technological feature. It's a self-recursively triggering positive feedback loop of insatiable "productivity." Which, coupled with a severe lack of negentropic feedback mechanisms (c.f. Bayo Akomolafe's indigenous ethics of "the times are urgent, let us slow down"), equates not to an increase in efficiency but an increase in entropy, which manifests on the structural-cognitive aggregate (i.e. social) level as metabolic (i.e. economic) instability and fragility. Contrary to naïve, paradigmatically-obsolete modern assumptions rooted in an ancient grammatical-discursive ontological error, the effects of technological advance and implementation cannot be responsibly predicted or controlled; they are, rather, astronomically ampliative, especially in the aggregate, which is only to be expected from the non-linear transactivity of multidimensional quantum computational systems (i.e. "cultures") co-emerging across formerly buffered autopoietic (and thus diachronic) boundaries collapsed into an abstract, synchronic economic-functional homogeneity by the instantaneousness of electricity (McLuhan), a process now exacerbated to frightening orders of magnitude by the symmetrical simultaneity of digital simulacra.

Or something like that. Don't think too much about it, though, that would be wholly ironic.