How Trauma Infiltrates Spirit


Society is a house of mirrors.

It's a twisted fun house of demented dreams,
false freedoms, precarious promises,
and compromised communities.

This make-believe ride of cheap thrills spins our Spirits
into masks of contrived identities
primed for the manipulation of the political circus that
maintains the pretend power of the oppressive systems that rooted
in history's denial and forgetting of Spirit.

Born into death, our Souls cry out for life and occasionally resonate with one another in the midst of the chaotic cacophony of crass consumerism that characterizes our collective condition.

The resonance is often quickly swallowed by the very gaps in our being that exist because our egos have yet to surrender the fear preventing Spirit from suturing the wound.

In a moment, the possibility for healing spins into dizziness and collapses into a renewed hurt, and trauma is reified.


Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with the Souls you meet on your journey. Be patient, be kind, and forgive one another for their imperfect acting, as we are all victims of a social order that traps us before we were even born. Breath, cry, shake, and feel your way back to Spirit. It is the only hope for Earth, and ourselves, who are this Earth.