Mind Musings

I often find myself remarking on the ironies and paradoxes of doing healing work in American culture. Indeed, that very sentence contains the one I want to discuss here! Namely: "healing work."

One of the most pernicious lies of our mechanistic, productivity- and profit-obsessed economic culture is that "doing nothing" is a waste of time. To the contrary, "doing nothing" is one of the most healing and time-feeding activities we can engage.

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How can you tell the difference between life and machine?

The shift from computer to heart is like the shiftfrom yelling to eating tacos under the hazy glow ofa hot, dry midsummer night whose thirst is quenched bythe tears of stories sharedafter the clink of sweating glasses is carried to the horizon by the wind's commutehome after a long day's work.

As you step off the faux-rustic bridge spanning the urban aqueduct and turn toward the labyrinth made of polished stone, a cloth note swirls softly from the tree along the bank and brushes your shoulder just before you pass it by, never to have known it was there.



Interview with Saharaj, staff writer, Birds (Aren't Real) Art Review. July 6, 2018.

There are those who hold eternal peace in cradles
woven of mystery and song. They tire, but never perish. Know
that you are made of this, and will be remade into this.
Deaths are not endings, but sunsets of life's radiance
as it drifts into a divine dreaming where worn fabrics of time are
renewed and stitched into clothes of new hopes, gifts, and...

Fear Spills


Occasionally, a bird might stumble, unwittingly, into a dirty, polluted body of water contaminated by an off-shore oil spill.

Quantitative, linear analytic mind severed from qualitative, dynamic, aesthetic mind is like a commercial forest: homogenized trees growing from flat grids with sparse underbrush and little ecological diversity.