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If you have found value in, and/or benefited from, this site in any substantive way, I would appreciate any financial support you can provide. Many other experts, companies, and institutions hide information like this behind paywalls that make healing inaccessible to many. If you happen to exist in the small percentage of the human population with excess wealth --- e.g., 6.5 billion humans live in low- to moderate-income nations and areas and there are more Americans living in poverty than the entire population of Canada, just to name two statistics that convey the extreme and historically unprecedented level of socioeconomic disparity manifest today. For an effective visual representation of such outrageous wealth disparity, see this website: ---    it may not be immediately obvious how challenging it is for many people to access adequate health care and therapeutic resources. The reality is that contemporary U.S. society entails the most extreme wealth/income/economic inequality of any human culture in history. If you don't believe this, please see the link above, or Google "wealth shown to scale" for a sobering look at just how insanely, disturbingly rich a tiny portion of the population really is. Here are two statistics to put this in perspective: the richest 3 (yes, three) Americans possess and control more wealth than the poorest 150 million Americans, and the richest 400 Americans own more wealth than the poorest 200 million Americans. This, in my estimation, is an utterly insane situation; it is symptomatic of a profoundly dis-eased, traumatized culture that has lost its sense of what is real, true, and ethical by any legitimate, natural standard of human life and culture.

I believe healing and medicine should be free, which is why I offer this content totally free. Nonetheless, I invested immense amounts of time, money, energy, and opportunity costs in my journey learning this content and developing the relevant skills and abilities I share on this website and in my clinical work of trauma-informed yoga therapy. This includes four years of college, nine years of graduate school, a six-figure student loan debt burden, and thousands of dollars out of my own pocket for specialized trainings, therapy, workshops, retreats, books, and conferences. Don't get me wrong: I recognize there is a sort of "privilege" in having access to these experiences, and I'm deeply grateful for all of them. On the other hand, the plain reality is that now I'm totally broke, and being poor and in debt in a late-capitalist consumer economy featuring rapid and unsustainable rates of inflation equates to a significant humanistic burden, economically speaking.

So, I share this simply to convey why I welcome any financial contributions you may be able to give. I could charge people hundreds of dollars to access the information and resources on this website, like many organizations do. But, I want this to be accessible to everyone, because everyone is traumatized in some way, to some degree, at some point in life. And the more people who are enabled and supported in healing from their traumas, the more peaceful and compassionate of a world we can co-create.

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